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Diagnostic ultrasound
Diagnostic ultrasound
It is about the examination of abdominal organs, vascular of the limbs and the soft parts of the neck. What can and cannot be expected from a laboratory evidence?

Abdominal ultrasound

It consists of the examination of the liver, the gall-bladder, the bigger bile passages, the kidneys, the spleen, the abdominal aorta and its environment, the urinary bladder. Those diseases of these organs can be diagnosed that changed the form or the structure of the organ. E.g. the enlargement of the organs, stones and tumours can be seen.
One should apply to the examination with empty stomach and full urinary bladder.
What cannot be expected from the abdominal ultrasound diagnostic?
The throat, the stomach and the enteron can hardly be examined. Only bigger tumours or the abnormal gaseity can be showed. Such important diseases like the inflammation of the mycoderm of the stomach, the chancre or polypus in the enteron, malignant growth in an early phase can be diagnosed not at all.

Ultrasound of the limbs

The examination of the arteries of the limbs:
The arteries can be examined by the Doppler ultrasound appliance that can measure flow and according to this the doctor should exclude or confirm the possibility of aortic stenosis. The place and the extent of the aortic stenosis can be determined by this method, and according to this, a suggestion for the treatment can be made.

Diagnostic ultrasound of the veins

The deep veins of the upper and lower limbs can be examined by color Doppler ultrasound appliance. The condition of the veins, the function of the valves, the presence of thrombosis can be described. The common use of internal medical and ultrasound examinations is suitable for determining the possible reasons of the pains in the limbs. According to the consulting a suggestion for the treatment can be made.

Diagnostic ultrasound of the soft parts of the neck

The description of the thyroid, the ganglions of the neck, cists and tumours can be expected from the examination.

Diagnostic ultrasound of the veins of the neck

The aortic stenosis of the arteries of the neck can be examined. This can reveal one possible reason for the circular insufficiency of the brain. The examination of the arteries of the neck is done by a neurologist. Because of the different consulting hours of this diagnostic ultrasound it must be noted by applying to an appointment that you would like to have your veins of the neck examined. For more details, please visit neurology.

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