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Diagnostic ultrasound
Electrocardiogram - ECG
During the examination the patient rides a bicycle that becomes gradually more and more difficult and the consulting doctor controls the ECG picture continuously. This process is a very sensitive method for the examination of the veins of the heart. In the majority of the cases the coarctation of aorta that still asymptomatic is can be showable. In the prevention of the heart attacks this examination is of prime importance. We use it for the diagnosing of the thoracic pains of uncertain origin too.
It is also important to know that on the previous day of the exercise ECG one shouldn’t take certain medicines, he shouldn’t take them for one day. These are e.g.: Betaloc, Metoprolol, Concor, Bisoprolol, Coviogal, Blokium, Blocalcin, Visken, Trasicor, Propranolol, Huma-Pronol, Sotalol, Sandonorm, Atenolol, Lokren, Nebilet, Dilatrend, Talliton, Logimax stb. These are not the only medicines that are not allowed to be taken. You should ask your doctor whether you should stop taking your medicines that day.
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